The Kolkata Jewellery & Gem Fair (KJGF)


It’s a proud moment for Kolkata, finally East India has a platform to connect with b2b jewellery trade and to promote the handicraft work and artisans. We thank UBM to provide us this opportunity. It was a good opportunity to display designs to the retailers of Nepal, Bihar, Bangladesh, Orissa and Assam.

Siddharthaa Sawansukha, Director, Sawansukha Jewellers

Kolkata Jewelry & Gem Fair 2016 is a fabulous jewelry exhibition set up by CGJWA and UBM India. The event is really an international B2B jewellery exhibition where the best manufacturers & retailers across the country and abroad congregate & network with each other . I do comprehend the jewelery fraternity would really be benefitted from this biggest show of east India.

Vivek Jain, Convenor KJGF, Calcutta Gems & Jewellery Association 2002

Kolkata has been the hub for handmade intricate jewellery, the limelight of all retail stores, KJGF-2014 was an opportunity to showcase our jewellery, assuring retailer’s convenience to procure directly from us, the core manufacturers. I have solicited inquiries regarding plain gold and platinum Jewellery

Ajit Kataria, Jyoti Jewellers

Kolkata Jewellery & Gem Fair has had a highly positive impact on our business and helped us grow our standards in the industry. The show has grown and has great scope of customers and business.

Raj Kumar Soni, Jagdamba Jewellers

UBM India’s Kolkata Jewellery & Gem Fair caters to the complete east Indian market. It has become a very important show for us to showcase our latest designs and jewellery. The show takes place at the perfect timing for retailers to make their purchase, thus making it a great platform for us to showcase our products.

Narain Agarwal, Agarwal & Co

A bigger and focused facilitated 3rd edition of Kolkata Jewellery & Gem Fair 2016 a joint venture of CGJWA and UBM India,is a key event of the Indian Jewellery Show. Fair of East India credible handmade Jewellery, a strong channel of communication & only ideal destination KJGF16 for whom a product called "Kolkata Jewellery" to showcase marketed & stock full range of its crafted authentic jewellery pieces.

Ashok Bengani, President CG&JWA

It takes us immense pleasure to associate with UBM India for the Third edition of Kolkata Jewellery & Gem fair. Calcutta Gem & Jewellery Welfare Association along with UBM India has worked towards providing east India, an extensive platform to network and engage in business.

Bijendra Bothra, Jt. Secretary CG&JWA

UBM India Kolkata Jewelry and Gem Fair provides an exciting platform to the east Indian jewellery market. It has turned into an imperative show for us to showcase our most recent jewellery creations The show happens at the right time for retailers to make their buy, thus making it an extravagant stage for us to showcase our creations.

Manish Jain, Royal Chains

I have visited KJGF from its inauguration year and I am really happy with the products that are exhibited & the designs showcased at the exhibition. I enjoyed a lot this year.

Umesh Maharana, H.M.Jewellers Pvt.Ltd, Bhubneswhwar

The UBM India’s exhibition in Kolkata is the best exhibition in East India judging from the participation of Exhibitors and visitors.

Vijay Mahatani, B.Motiram Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata

I am very much thankfull to UBM India for bringing a variety of jewellery manufacturers to Kolkata. I have been visiting the show from the last two editions and look forward to meeting manufacturers from across the country this year as well.

Mehul Mehta, Joint Secretary (Orissa Jewellers Association), Utkal Jewellery Mart

CG&JWA is very happy with the continuous association with UBM for the consecutive third year and I believe Kolkata Jewellery & Gem Fair will give the gem & jewellery sector a huge boost in East India. We all know that Kolkata has been very famous for the handcrafted jewellery so whoever is looking to expand their business in East, this will be the best platform. Looking forward to the show.

Pramod Duggar, Secretary CG&JWA

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